ZSK GmbH successfully re-certified by the inspection authority TÜV Süd

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Engineering / Planning

The interaction of product, production and operating equipment is, in our opinion, the precondition for the success of a project. Comprehensive know-how and adequate capacities to satisfy the challenges are our strength.
We offer consistent competence by skilled and experienced personnel who are familiar with our customers’ requirements as a result of their longstanding contact with them and are therefore able to take these requirements into account. 

The know-how of our personnel in the field of tool and die preparation, try-out and handling acquired over many years is, in our opinion, the core competence of our planning services,  guaranteeing high quality solutions.  Everything that is needed supplied by one and the same source, thus eliminating unnecessary interfaces. This simplifies all enquiries regarding compliance with predetermined planning stages while not losing sight of the essential aspects.

Sign-offs for drafts, die cast models, tools as well as general operating resources concerning the keeping of design guidelines with reference to the security and feasibility of the project.


  • Monitoring of the production progress in tool manufacturers’ plants world-wide
  • Follow-up of the production status in all stages up to tool delivery
  • Comparison of the planned/actual target date situation
  • Preparation of plans for correction measurement report
  • Technical support and consultation in problem cases
  • Technical monitoring and control of processes

Tool relocations

  • Examination with correcting procedure that requires corresponding documentation.
  • Specification, control and monitoring of execution of these measurements.
  • Tool and die integration on production press
  • Planning of relocations while considering the supply parts in order to secure production.

Buy part coordination:

  • Responsible individual part support concerning cost, timing and quality requirements according to customer's demands
  • Representing the customer's interests in establishing manufacturing methods, the procedure of the traction process as well as design and construction
  • Supervision and coordination of tooling process concerning security of processes.
  • Determination of needed corrections according to a measurement report in order to achieve the planned status of the part.
  • Assuring deadlines according to contract.
  • Contact person between customer and contractor.

Documentations between customer, contractor and operator to support the project.
Technical monitoring and controlling of processes.

Engineering, Monitoring, Einarbeitung, Kaufeilbetreuung, Werkzeugverlagerung